My Practice Palette e-Book

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Grades 4-8


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My Practice Palette offers students, teachers and parents something completely new. It educates parents, teaches students how to practise, eliminates the need for teachers to write practice notes and can be applied to any piece the student chooses. This is done by teaching practice methodology and metacognition. I recommend you start using My Practice Palette around grades 4-5, it will be valuable up to grade 8. Teachers can also work through the Practice Palette during lesson time. The benefits of this are, no extra time is required for planning, and teachers can be spontaneous yet easily keep track of where each student is.

Your student’s weekly aim is to make their Practice Palette as colourful as possible, they get to craft a visual representation of their learning process. But, there is so much more behind the scenes, inspiration, motivation, mindset, metacognition.

2 reviews for My Practice Palette e-Book

  1. “Thank you! I have been using one of the pages as an assignment page for my older students and it is working out so well. Very excited to see the new version now. I love what you have done with this book.”

  2. What a fabulous creation!! So much in it!!

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