Welcome to Music Me Piano, I am preserving this site and resources for a year from July 2022, offering everything for free download while I work with other teachers, inspiring them on their own action research projects. If you want to know more about starting your own project, I would love to hear from you. The best way to get in touch is via my teaching website, Roberta Wolff.

Here’s what Music Me Piano did for me and my students and why I am sharing the process with other teachers…

Music Me Piano developed out of a personal action research project, that is, I wanted to improve practice in my studio and so jointly undertook research, experimentation, and critical reflection, together with my students. The process was exciting, collaborative, and creative, it also transformed our studio-wide approach to practice and led to an increase in student agency and self-efficacy. Not only that, it was the start of a journey that inspired my own further research, studies, and ultimately, two new roles in higher education (Guildhall School of Music and Drama & University of Chichester) My intentions in making these materials available for free for a year are:

  • To continue to inspire other teachers to undertake similar projects in their studios;
  • To offer my materials for teachers to adapt and build on;
  • To maintain access to the resources even though I am no longer actively contributing new materials to this site;
  • To use this site as a resource itself as I continue to work with other teachers in developing their own action research projects.

Apart from this introduction and the price changes (£0.00) nothing else has been altered on this site, please enjoy using and sharing the resources.

Innovation and Inspiration in Practice

Welcome to Music Me Piano Practice Resources, you will find a wide range of research-based practice resources, immediately available as PDF Downloads with Unlimited Studio Licence.

Music Me Piano Resources combine design and research and provide students with a methodology which teaches them HOW to practise. In the process they learn integrated practice, metacognition and develop a growth mindset. Students become empowered, innovative and resilient learners who can reflect on their work and refine their skills.