Practice Time e-Book

PDF with Unlimited Studio Licence

Grades 3-6


This book is great for older students who are starting to develop more independence in their practice. It contains a useful introduction and is a perfect progression from either the Practice Palette Grades 4-5 or the Practice Pages Grades 1-4.

There are 20 pages which contain carefully thought out practice suggestions. Thereafter the suggestions gradually dwindle allowing the student to take the reins.  This provides the developing pianist with the opportunity to choose and apply the practice techniques learnt in this and in previous books, encouraging further independence in practice at the crucial stage as they move from intermediate to advanced learners and pianists. 

6 reviews for Practice Time e-Book

  1. Practice Time will greatly assist teacher and pupil to organise and log day-to-day practice. It contains some very useful tips and suggestions. Highly Recommended.

  2. I really like Roberta’s practice book as it splits my work into categories and I find that easier to understand. Having the practice log split into days also helps me see how practice is having as affect on my playing.

  3. We love this book in our house! It’s beautifully laid out and makes our daughter’s practice sessions clear and easy to follow, especially for non-piano playing parents.

  4. The handbook is helpful to teachers and students. The different contents enrich the musical learning and experience.

  5. Happy to report that quite a few students have turned up with the books for their lessons so that is great! I’ll keep encouraging them to buy the books as I find the large format great for writing notes and easy for both student and teacher to track progress. Lorraine Liyanage

  6. I am really enjoying the book and finding it a great reminder to myself as well as for thinking about my students…Please feel free to quote me any time. Finding the book so helpful. Can I order a couple more please?

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