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Use this sheet, together with your student, to support and motivate them over longer term targets. For example, a month of lessons and practice or learning a recital piece. The sheet works from their choosen goal, the headline focus, down to the elements they need to work on to achieve it.

Start from the top of the triangle and fill this part in first, with your student. Enjoy the discussion as students share their goals, opinions on how to facilitate them and personal interests.

The filling in of the boxes below the triangle can be totally student led or can be the basis of a joint discussion. For example, students can choose the activity they wish to undertake for each section or you can provide suggestions. Students can also choose when to work on each activity. Recording the activities at the start is a top reminder of their importance in achieving the headline focus.

There is also space for students to reflect on the process in the ‘feeling at start’ and ‘feeling at end’ boxes. Encourage students to place emojis or a score out of 10 in these boxes based on how eager they are before and after the activity. This opens discussion on what might be holding the student bach or on  how to make certain activities more engaging.

The follow on box can be filled with learning strategies to carry into the next project.

I hope your students enjoy designing their own learning. Feel free to share comments via the contact page.


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